Why Study Abroad?


Study Abroad is the opportunity to go to a different country to take classes in a foreign university. Students who study abroad can immerse themselves in a new culture, a new way of thinking, and a new way of perceiving the world.

​At Tufts, studying abroad in your junior or senior year is a celebrated tradition that many students choose to complete. However, for students majoring in HFE and ENP, it requires advanced planning. Our program is has a specialized, unique curriculum and many requirements cannot be fulfilled at other institutions. This should not discourage students from choosing to study abroad as some of our students do, but the groundwork should be laid out before junior year.

​Internationally, HFE and ENP are commonly referred to as ergonomics and usability engineering. There are subtle differences between the areas of HFE being studied in the US and those being studied abroad. These differences will give students the opportunity to learn from another perspective.


Application Process




Before Junior Year

The Human Factors Program uses a prescribed progression of courses to ensure a solid understanding on which to build skills and experience. Students wishing to study abroad should consult with their major advisor sophomore year about planning their course progression so that prerequisites are covered.




Choosing a Program

None of the pre-approved Tufts programs offer Ergonomics, so programs and courses must be approved individually by an advisor. Ergonomics programs are likely to be found in Germany, England, Switzerland, Israel, and Australia.

Once a student has chosen a foreign university, they should should obtain a description of this school’s ergonomics program. All transfer credits must be approved before the student leaves Tufts. The foreign classes that a student wants to count in substitution of the requirements of their degree must be approved by the Director of the Program and the Department Chair.




After Choosing

After choosing and approving a program, students will take a study-abroad leave of absence to participate in their study abroad program. For study abroad forms and information about fees and finances, see the Tufts’ Study Abroad Page for Non-Tufts Programs.

Past Student Experiences


Kayli Battel ’24
DIS Copenhagen
Fall 2022

Studying abroad in Copenhagen was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life.I learned so much about Danish culture, the city of Copenhagen, and Europe in general. First of all, Copenhagen is a beautiful city, and I had the chance to explore it every single day. With its cobblestone streets, canals, ancient churches, and castles, the city feels like it comes straight out of a fairytale. Additionally, Danes value happiness and friendship – and this was apparent in the activities that were available in the city.

In my four months abroad, I traveled to Norway, Sweden, Amsterdam, Vienna, Edinburgh, and Paris. Many of the interests I picked up in my classes have carried over into the classes and projects I’m working on right now. I can honestly say that my time abroad changed my life, both in my academic interests and my sense of self. I simply can’t wait for the next time I have a chance to go there. Skål, København! Until we meet again.

Study Abroad Course Substitutions

DIS Stockholm Tufts Course
Design Thinking ENP 193 – Designing Technology For People In Need
Co-creation lab ENP 193 – Designing Technology For People In Need
Sustainable by design ENP 193 – Designing Technology For People In Need
DIS Copenhagen Tufts Course
Innovation Through Design Thinking ENP 161  – Human Factors in Product Design
University of Sydney Tufts Course
Co-design and Participatory Approaches ENP 193 – Designing Technology For People In Need
Design for Wellbeing ENP 193 – Designing Technology For People In Need
Experience and Service Design ENP 193 – Designing Technology For People In Need
Design for Social Impact ENP 193 – Designing Technology For People In Need

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