What is a Portfolio?

Simply put, a portfolio is an online exhibition of your work. For you – a human factors engineer or engineering psychologist – a portfolio is your chance to showcase all (or a selection of) the great work you have done related to the field. With a portfolio, visitors can browse through your current and previous projects, read about how you solved problems, and get to learn about you. 

What is a Well-Designed

A well-designed portfolio will allow potential
employers to answer questions such as:

1. What projects have you done?
2. Where have you worked?
3. Where is level of expertise?
4. What are your skills?
5. How do you work? Do you have a work style?
6. What is your thought process when you are problem-solving?
7. Will you fit in with the company given your values and personality?
8. Do you have additional background or experience that is eye-catching?

​​A well-designed portfolio could potentially be the factor that decides whether you will get that internship or job!

Student/Alumni Portfolio Examples

How to Build a Portfolio