Faculty / Michael Wiklund


  • B.S. Tufts University, Medford, United States
  • M.S. Tufts University, Medford, United States


Michael Wiklund

Professor of the Practice, Mechanical Engineering

I received my BS and MS degree from Tufts. My BS is in Engineering Design, which included human factors studies back in the early 1980s. I have worked on range of wide projects including the design or nuclear power plant control rooms, developing a radio system for military aircraft, designing wheelchairs, conducting research on mascara applicators, developing HFE guidance for the design of voting machines, designing anesthesia workstations, developing guidance for the design of electronic medical records, and designing a home hemodialysis machine. Over 40+ years in HFE consulting, I have probably touched over 500 products and worked with hundreds of talented HFE specialists. I have always had a strong interest in medical technology and ultimately started my own consulting firm in 2005 to focus in that realm. This company grew over several years, employed many Tufts graduates, and was acquired by UL in 2012. Since then, I have managed the teams growth from 12 to over 60 HFE specialists who work on three continents. I have enjoyed writing about HFE and co-authored and edited several books on the topic. My hobbies include oil painting, bicycling, and urban explorations (particularly in Europe).

I am a Professor of the Practice. As such, I actually work full-time for UL, leading its human factors practice. I have taught one evening per week at Tufts for 35 years in a row now. The majority of my consulting work is focused on applying human factors to make medical technology safe, effective, and satisfying to use. The products we work on range from heart-lung machines to dialysis machines to hospital beds to drug injection devices, plus websites and apps linked to medical devices.

What Classes Do I Teach?

ENP 110 – Human Factors In Medical Technology
ENP 109 – Medical Fundamentals

My Advice

Try to avoid “just cruising” through any of your courses. Give them your utmost energy and creativity so that you take away the greatest benefits. Also, seek meaningful internships that complement your studies and match your interests. Internships give you the opportunity to validate your area(s) of interest as well as a jump start in the job market.