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Fall 2023

MATH 32: Calculus I

Zachary Faubion

Differential and integral calculus: limits and continuity, the derivative and techniques of differentiation, extremal problems, related rates, the definite integral, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, derivatives and integrals of trigonometric functions, logarithmic and exponential functions.

Recommendations: High school geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. Students will receive an additional two credits (with grade) for passing MATH 32 after receiving credit for MATH 30. MATH 32 must be taken at Tufts and for a grade.

MATH 34: Calculus II

Ian Manly

Applications of the integral, techniques of integration, separable differential equations, improper integrals. Sequences, series, convergence tests, Taylor series. Polar coordinates, complex numbers. Students may count only one of MATH 34 and MATH 36 for credit.

Recommendations: MATH 32


PHY 11: General Physics I

Hugh M. Gallagher

Principles of classical mechanics, fluids, heat, thermodynamics. Lectures, recitations, laboratories. Calculus based. PHY 1 and PHY 11 can not both be taken for credit. Recommendations: MATH 32.

Recommended: Must be preceded or accompanied by MATH 32 (formerly MATH 11) or equivalent.


ENP 164: Applied Behavioural Statistics Engineering

Daniel Hannon

Behavioral statistics for human factors and applied behavioral research. Parametric, nonparametric, descriptive and inferential concepts. Small n and case study designs, factor analysis and power analysis. Use of modern statistical software package(s). Applications to product design and development, human performance, and survey methods.