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Fall 2023

ENP 64: Methods for Human Factors Engineering

Dave Bryan Miller

Qualitative and quantitative methods and techniques used in human factors engineering research. Usability testing, structured observation, questionnaire design, focus group design, psychophysical methods, signal detection theory, and field studies. Examples of good and bad methods/techniques.

Recommendations: PSY 53 – Engineering Psychology

PSY 130: Advanced Engineering Psychology

James Intrilligator

Material relevant in consumer product design, biomedical engineering, architectural design, and machine design. Topics include design methodologies, user feedback techniques, performance measurements, sensory evaluation techniques, creative design, and prototyping. Extensive individual and group project design work. Emphasis on designing and creativity.

Recommendations: ENP 53, ENP 64 and junior standing

PSY 130: Advanced Engineering Psychology

Dave Bryan Miller(Cross-listed as BME 166.) This hands-on course challenges students to design computer-based products and systems that are easy to learn and use. Lectures cover the user interface-design process, basic design principles, and design evaluation methods. In-class exercises and projects reinforce the students’ understanding of the lecture material and provide practical design experience. Students use computer-based prototyping tools to model and demonstrate their design solutions. Frequent guest lectures by user-interface design specialists from industry.

Recommendations: EN 1, 2, and junior standing, or permission of instructor.